About Us

By signing, developing and promoting the most gifted fighters in Britain, Tanko Management is tirelessly supporting the growth of UK combat sports – aiming to continually increase audience exposure and enhance standards across the board. Behind the scenes are a hard-working team who commit to Tanko in the same way professional fighters commit to every contest. We’re dedicated to ensuring the UK combat sports industry continues to develop a knowledgeable and passionate audience by supporting exciting events that take the country by storm. Our involvement with The Tanko Main Event is one such example.

Jamie Alaise

Founder and Business Director
“This is what we love. We’re passionate about combat sports.”

Panicos Yusuf

Managing Director
“We give athletes all the support they need to succeed.”

Pardeep Robinson

Athlete Management and
Contracts Director
“A protected athlete is more focused, physically and mentally.”

The athletes on the Tanko Management roster are the kind of ambassadors the combat sports industry needs and deserves. Our team work with every fighter to guarantee their progression and well-being, assisting them with everything from match training, to personal branding, promotion and merchandising.

Tanko Management aren’t just a business brand – we’re a company who care about the condition of our athletes and the industry in which they’re competing. We engage with clients who share our ambition, and consistently look for ways to offer exciting new avenues for British Muay Thai and MMA to venture into.