Jack Kennedy


Jack Kennedy wasn’t always going to be a Muay Thai fighter. Some of his opponents probably wish things had stayed that way too. Ever since he turned professional, Jack’s tasted defeat only once. In that time, he’s ruptured his spleen (in his first C-Class fight, no less), become the Golden Belt English Champion, lifted the ISKA British title, and built a reputation as one of the most talented fighters in UK Muay Thai today.

For many years, it appeared as though Jack would go into gas engineering – the subject he studied at Southport Technical College during his adolescence. It wasn’t until the age of 19 that he discovered Muay Thai – a sport that sucked him into a brand new world.

Jack has always liked keeping fit, and learnt MMA in his local gym under the tutorship of coach Matt Thomas to stay in shape. When Matt jumped ship to Southport Imperial Gym, Jack followed suit. It was here the pair began to train Muay Thai together, and before long they were sending tremors through the industry.

In time, Muay Thai became more than just a hobby for Jack. As his reputation gathered serious momentum, he immersed himself deeper within the sport, accepting more fights, leading sessions with beginners, and even going across to Thailand to train and partake in tournaments. He currently spends five days a week in the gym and three evenings teaching the sport he’s grown to love.

Jack isn’t just a Muay Thai talent – he’s also a modest, laid-back, all-round nice guy. A pleasure outside the ring, he’s far from agreeable inside it. A Swiss army knife fighter with a seemingly endless list of moves and backup plans, Jack is always prepared to take on anyone at any time, adjusting his style accordingly to expose his opponent’s weaknesses. Capable of jaw-dropping knockout finishes and savvy, point-scoring kicks and punches, Jack is a fighter with a bit of everything.

Tanko Management are privileged to have a fighter as kindly and capable as Jack Kennedy within our ranks. Athletes with a tremendous attitude and fine skill-set to match are as rare as a sunflower in the desert. With Tanko Management in his corner, the sky is the limit for Jack Kennedy.

Known For

Elbow strikes
Tactical awareness
Strong preparation

Fight Record


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Past Events

  • YOKKAO 23/24

    Date: 25th March, 2017
    Location: Macron Stadium, Bolton

    Jack roared his way up to third in the UK rankings with a thunderous fourth round knockout at YOKKAO 24, leapfrogging opponent Tommi McCormick in the process. This made it 24 wins from 25 fights for Tanko’s Swiss-army knife fighter, consolidating his position among the top talent in the country.

  • Yokkao 19/20

    Date: 8th October, 2016
    Location: Macron Stadium, Bolton

    Jack just refuses to beaten. He triumphed again at Yokkao 19/20, defeating UK #2 Nathan Bendon to reinforce his reputation as one of the most exciting Muay Thai fighters in the country. It was a massive result for Jack and proof – if we ever needed it – that he is able to mix it up with the very best of them.

  • Super Muay Thai

    Date: 26th June, 2016
    Location: Bangkok, Thailand

    After defeating the Brazilian Andre Phumpangayon in his first fight of the 4-Man tournament in Thailand, Jack went onto the final round against Frenchman Greg Petchsaman. In an epic matchup between France and the United Kingdom, it was Jack who prevailed and won the fight, thus winning the entire tournament.

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