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Rajan Swali is a revelation – a youngster ahead of his time in all kinds of ways. Training under the tutelage of fellow Tanko Management athlete Dean James, Rajan’s development has been nothing short of outstanding. Ever since discovering Muay Thai at the age of 10, the Birmingham-born fighter has flourished in combat sports and moved from strength to strength. After a series of impressive junior wins (which resulted in a European title and British title), Rajan stepped up to the senior circuit and is now sharing the ring with fully-fledged adult fighters.

Rajan is fortunate to have such wonderful support behind him in the form of his family. His father always wanted Rajan and his two brothers to pursue sports –believing regular exercise to be hugely beneficial. Whilst two of Mr Swali’s sons fell for football, Rajan was swept into the world of punching pads, colourful headwear and drowsy Sarama music instead. He was in love with the Muay Thai milieu from the moment he strapped on his first pair of fight mitts, and can’t imagine doing anything right now other than becoming a professional fighter.

Rajan has also put an admirable amount of effort into keeping his school grades high, even if the professional fight circuit is where he ultimately sees himself in adulthood. His dual role as super student and combat sports wonderkid is a demanding one, but as Raj himself says: “If you love something enough, you always make time for it.”

Rajan is the youngest fighter inside the four walls of Pra Chao Suua, and training alongside adults has accelerated both his progression and maturity. Aside from possessing a knee-strike that could send the average adult crumbling into a heap, Raj is also the owner of a sharp, intelligent mind that keeps him one step ahead whenever he’s inside the ring. Yet, for all his talents, Rajan’s most admirable trait is perhaps his unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Dean James has persistently commended Rajan for his listening skills – a rarity for fellow fighters in his age bracket. Rajan is a youngster who always keeps his eyes and ears open, and is all the more capable for it.

It’s clear to see Rajan has a big future ahead of him. We’re proud he’s chosen Tanko Management to help guide him on his way. It’s going to be some journey.

Known For

Use of the knee
Smart approach

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Past Events

  • Tanko Muay Thai League

    Date: 12th January, 2017
    Location: Victoria Warehouse, Manchester

    Rajan was expecting a tough test at Tanko Muay Thai League – and boy did he get it. TJ Everett produced an awesome display that pushed Raj to the limit, but Tanko’s youngest recruit stood up to the challenge and came home with another unanimous verdict victory to make it four wins from four bouts.

  • Corefit Fight Night 5

    Date: 15th October, 2016
    Location: Edgbaston Stadium, Birmingham, B5 7QU

    Rajan made the step up to C-Class at Corefit Fight Night 5, battling to a hard-fought victory over Skelmersdale fighter Dom Hill. Raj was a bruised and battered version of his former self when the final bell rang, but stuck in there right until the very end to claim a deserved win. If it wasn’t apparent already, this fight proved that the Tanko youngster has the backbone and bravery required to go far in adult Muay Thai.

  • MT Awakening

    Date: 23rd January, 2016
    Location: Crewe

    Rajan triumphed in his first ever N-Class bout at Muay Thai Awakening in Crewe, defeating Nicolas Christou of Rock Diamond Gym in Cyprus. Raj was also rewarded with the European Title for his victory, making the Muay Thai community aware that he’d well and truly left Junior level behind.

  • Champion’s Collide 2

    Date: 19th November, 2016
    Location: Mercia Venue, Coventry

    The Champions Collide 2 event in Coventry proved doubly sweet for Tanko, with Rajan emulating Dan Butler’s victory with a triumph of his own. Spaniard Iker Valderrama proved to be a resilient opponent with incredible heart, but Raj’s performance was one of pure class. The Tanko man fought tooth and nail to record his third win on the spin at C-Class level, and he’ll be relishing more tough encounters like this over the course of 2017.

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